The Banker Money Counter
BK-10 Specifications


  • Highly accurate money counter sensor using a patented Digital Mass Transducer Technology
  • Mass measurement not a Scale/load cell, never needs to be re-calibrated
  • Platform will hold a maximum 900 bills at one time
  • Auto-add feature with the ability to switch to manual add with keyboard depression for eposits
  • Good tone or Bad tone to signify acceptance or rejection
    Audible signal from integrated speaker)
  • Counts bills, coins, tokens & miscellaneous items
  • Counts loose bills, clips and packs without un-strapping or removing from platter
  • Loose coin counting using any of the following: Standard Coin Scoop or customer's own coin scoop
  • Auto verification of rolled coins
                  1cent, 5cents, 10cents, 25cents
                    Mix or Match rolls anytime in currency mode
  • Counts loose coins and rolled coins without breaking the roll
  • Till Cups - allows all loose coins in a till to be counted in approx. 6 sec.
  • Allows numeric entries to be added by using the built-in adding machine keyboard
  • Auto-Sensing to adjust for various environmental factors.  Perfected self-adjusting algorithm for Bill Count Accuracy
  • Field programmable for all currency, coins and additional items
  • Always current when monetary changes occur
  • Field programmable alpha descriptor for all items
                Displayed and printed on receipt
  • Real-time display to simultaneously show denomination, active $ amount and accumulated $     
  • Prints detailed audit trail
  • Date, time, operator # and auditor # are printed on receipt
  • Denomination, quantity and total are printed on receipt
  • Grand totals are printed on receipt
  • Direct interfaces to many different printers and computers; POS, DVR and various systems
  • Future proof - Ready accept duplicate bills and new coins

  • Does NOT require any special maintenance i.e., vacuuming, calibrating, etc.
  • Does NOT require a level surface to count accurately
  • Has a high tolerance to temperature changes, vibration
  • and environmental changes
  • NO re-calibration required for elevation or geographic location


  • Overall:  8 1/2" Wide x 12" Depth x 4 1/2" High
  • LCD Display:  5.5" Wide x 1.75" High
  • Stainless steel flat platform: 6" Wide x 5.5" Depth
  • Weight:  approx. 8.5lbs.
  • Power Requirements: Standard 115V AC, Optional 12V or 240V

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  Moving forward & establishing the
  Banker BK-10 as the standard for
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  • Supermarkets
  • Restaurants
  • Convenience Stores
  • Department Stores
  • Big Box Retailers
  • Specialty Retail
  • Entertainment
  • Banking 


The Banker Money Counter is a Complete Tender Counting System - One Counter Does it All Accurately -
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